Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In One Month...

In one month I'll be moving back to Savannah and once I do that I'll be shopping at thrift stores as much as I can to find some broken down furniture I can lolify. At these times I'm glad I was a tomboy in my younger years or I would have never learned from my father how to make things out of lumps of wood. I also want a nice round table for my fiance and I to have breakfast on- though I'll have to measure it to a pre-existing round glass since I'd like to do the restaurant thing to put a tablecloth, then a glass plate to make cleaning easy.

One other thing I'm looking forward to is SCAD. I need to ask my friends about the fabric printing machines they have in the fashion design buildings. I have a lot of prints I made via computer that I would like to see stretched over some cotton based fabric. That would be nice- and a lot simpler for a lot of jumpers I have ideas of. Other than that...

3D Meshing has become a breeze for me. The only difference between outfits that go on 3D people and items are that... items are very much easier due to the fact that you don't have to place bone assignments on every single vertex. Once I'm completely done with my little line of jumpers and outfits I'll post them.

Which reminds me I need photos of several prints from brand companies since I want to try recreating the outfits in my Sims 2 game.

It's fun.


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