Friday, June 4, 2010

Old and New - Sims 2 Loli Posts

Along with all my other bulky work, which some parts are finished while other parts aren't, I'm making swimsuits for your especially cute Sims!

Recently while looking for ideas I wandered onto this particular persons blog, which is wonderful I might add... and found the swimsuit of my many dreams. For a long time I wanted to make this myself, though I never had the time or the knowledge of what fabric to use... so now I decided to make it for my Sims. Of course, it will be for adults unless someone can tell me how to turn it into something for Teens without losing a lot of the beginning charm...

But I digress~ I'll be making it in Sweet, Dark and Simple.

So far I'm having a bit of trouble, though I'm asking around for a solution. This is what I have so far~

Still working on it, working on it. So wish me luck.


My Swimsuit? It's wonderful. After a few tweeks, it seems almost perfect, but I still want to make a few more changes to it. A most recent shot of them will come up once I upload them- but what about my other outfits? Ehh- they're done, but I'm busy with more projects to upload their screenshots. I'm only uploading this portion of the entry here so:

Planned Uploads:

x3 Jumpers {custom mesh}/Celebration Stuff DONE [x3 and x4 Jsks]
x3 Blouses {custom mesh} DONE [x4 Blouses]
x3 Skirts {custom mesh} DONE [x3 Skirts]
x3 Outfits {custom mesh}/Nightlife NOT DONE [MeshProblems]
x3 Underwearing {pre-made mesh} NOT DONE [What was I doing with this again?]
x3 Underwearing {custom mesh}DONE [x3 Underwearing]
x4 Lolita Hair Recolors DEFINATELY NOT DONE [Hair recolors are troublesome...]

x3 Blouses {custom mesh}
x3 Knickers {custom mesh}
x2 Huge Pompadour Hair

I've decided on a large project to do while resting from custom clothes- a full neighborhood with all additional neighborhoods. Meaning a main + shopping + downtown + university. I'm planning to make this only for those people who have spent time and money to get all the expansion packs. Although Maxis has loaded us up with enough content for several lifetimes... It feels right.

Also, it will include only one special custom lot and a good folder chock full of custom content required to run that lot and the owner of it.

Here's a preview:

I need a few more tweeking and more understanding of the many mumbo jumbo numbers- and that actually means studying. If this had a deadline I'd be dead by now. >:T


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