Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lolita in the Sims 2

I've been working on a little project after I realized I could construct my ideas with 3D work. I've been using The Sims 2 as a way of viewing my creations and seeing how they'd look. It's easier to do this since before I could only scribble on a piece of paper the ideas for jumpers and one-pieces that I've had. But since then I've gotten a bit carried away...

I'm actually making an in-game store for lolita clothes... I guess it's a way for me to cope with the fact that there's no culture or history in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their art is about as unattractive as a teenager calling Myspace shots 'photography'. The good old Savannah is where I need to be, or at least Destin, Florida. I'm at least within seven hours away from my hometown.

I digress. I also need good shots of a few popular prints so I can attempt to make well known outfits in my game. I've made an Angelic Pretty jumper- but that's all other than my own designs. I'm surprising myself too, I'm starting to like more of Metamorphose's designs. It might be that I'm getting old, or that I'm depraved of things frilly and well-made. But I've decided to make a few of those too...


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